by Parker Lee

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a few quiet things

thanks to daniel, isobel, sofia and all my friends who come see me play stupid shit

recorded and finalised over a couple months very slowly mid-2016

guitar, vox and keys by jowan mead (the rest too)
additional vocals on luna by sofia verbilla
album art by elizabeth goman and isobel howe


released August 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Parker Lee York, UK

lo-fi for the dividing nights

jowan // alfie // mike // ben


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Track Name: Size Nines
call it off if you're still down to talk
can you read my letters upside down

because i'm hanging from the ceiling always
my shoes above the door
i've got friends who see me
and friends who i ignore

and a parking lot is hard to walk upon
when the concrete cracks the same way every day

and i'm drawing a map despite this
respite - i'm here to talk
the pain in my feet there always
shaving off my thoughts

see, all the books i read make no difference in between
a stray dog in the street and in this dark
i think she's lost
Track Name: Horizontal
i feel you're wasting your time here;
i can see it in your stride as you walk on by
i think you've had enough to drink;
repulsive things you say get more and more refined
you say it's fine
but i'm getting sick of this east-west divide
divining what you say from where you stand and not the letters that you write
there's a lot to do, so do it - i'm not pushing you this time
i trust you have the strength for just a few lines
Track Name: Waterworks
saw you in a bathroom in a cafe in atlanta
you were crawling up the walls behind my spine
painting freckles black; taking nothing back
you were cold and poison, slipping through the cracks

this pointlessly planned attack made me aware of things i lacked;
a suitable defense against the rain and feathered backs
still, i let you wait your turn. you're always slow at first,
but i know you'll bring down the mountains if you try

drip into something more comfortable
just be sure to keep those well-worn pages dry
there's no room for any growth till you've been through a little pain
after all, what's the shower without the drain?
Track Name: Luna
maybe what i need isn't a cog in a machine
but a step in right direction back to you
your footsteps followed suit over a better thing to lose
and you know it's such an awful thing to know

give it all to me. i am the pipes beneath the streets,
redirecting all your fears to somewhere new
it's easier like this, i'll take the burden if you wish,
and set it off when all your sails come to shore

sometimes i expect the moon to fall out of the sky
and crush me while i'm standing next to you