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by Parker Lee

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here's a few songs, taken from shiny and electric to softshell and unplugged

originally recorded for BBC Introducing North Yorkshire and broadcast 18/02/17. thanks to everyone there for having us on and recording us:~)

civil twilight originally by the weakerthans


released February 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Parker Lee York, UK

lo-fi for the dividing nights

jowan // alfie // mike // ben


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Track Name: Office Hours
outside of office hours, soliciting a distressed caller
the power it's been out since late last year
and i still know this is where it ends, while i'm stuck behind a fountain pen
and it's sixteen hours til i can get home

smashing up high rise apartments, i find excuses in the moment
something past high maintenance design
and chloe's supposed to call, i've been slowing my stride to just a crawl
the subscript in my teeth is running dry

i'm in bristol, i'm in boston, geneva flights keep me bound to motion
cross-continential job's a bore
oceanic green in an airport screen, it's telling me which time to leave
i'm still packing away my things from last night

i'm on shore leave, i'm surely thinking of all the things i couldn't be
in detroit lights, drowning in gutters, no support, no guarantee
nobody asks for my opinion, i'm just significant to me
i'm dead and gone in iron sights, dreaming of someplace where i can sleep
Track Name: Faded "Heroes" Sleeve
your stepfather gave to me
a collection of his old CDs
that were gathering dust on a pinewood shelf,
at the centre of the earth that was your house

remember you in your room
irreverent in your self-inflicted wounds
and the gesture of you turning away
diffused our moods, gave our bones some space
you always needed more than me

tracing my hands on the heating vents
got more time for this than an empty bed
and i'm counting the holes in the telephone
a number of ways to let myself know nothing

i see you move with me
you fold a faded "heroes" sleeve
into something blunt, something to take away
an object monolithic in its power to absorb names
and i hated it, the way you spoke
i found solace in your teeth and my ingrown clothes
so take them away with the driver's seat,
you were saccharine green, you were expertise

it's my duty to pull the black card twice
it's all i can take in sheet mental ice
it's a gating system that pulls away
while all i do is shout for someone else's name

nothing i ever said was anything but an arrow towards your head
and everything you hate, there was so much more
spread out into a red target on your bedroom floor
Track Name: Michigan
engine, forgive my sins
carry them up in dashboard heat
swallow the things i couldn't keep to myself
MI is cold as hell
and the snow stacks two feet deep so my shoes can't carry me to your house
panic still in my mind
treating your skin like real estate, something to keep the rain away from my head

do i really need an escape?
do i really need fake convalescence?
do i really know your face, and do i take the second train home?
draw the cracks in my forehead, line them up and fill them with your own thoughts
it's the things i recognise that i have trouble spinning lies towards when i'm lost
i need a panic button to call to waste my stupid time,
and i need a twin sized bed to lay that book you wrote for me down to rest

right hand drawing lines
paint out cities in your palm, show me what the future holds across town
and left brain, analyse my crimes
show me all the things i need to keep balance between me and myself

do i really need a slow pace?
do i really need to bring myself down?
will i ever see you again, walking past or driving back to my house?
wrap the wires round your wrist, and call it off while i'm still second guessing
it's difficult to say these things when i'm not really sure about what i mean
i need dividing lines to make some sense of where this died
and i need a ballpoint pen to write it out across the notebook in your eyes

i'm gone on the side of a road
i'd sooner stop for you than figure out where to go