by Parker Lee

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a couple small experimental things. one is old and one is new

everything by jowan


released July 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Parker Lee York, UK

lo-fi for the dividing nights

jowan // alfie // mike // ben


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Track Name: overtime
it's easy to say all my arms are tired
and it's hard to forget all my thoughts respire
and there's snakes in the grass they stack up their teeth
in a dark overpass waiting for me to come through
and i walk in your jaws a well tread path for me
picking out pride that's stuck in your teeth again

i keep to the floor pedal put to heel
i breathe through a door open far from here
and there's a cold kind of light it likes to find me
amongst broken glass dying for a while
it takes me home safe and i never chase up
a route back outside, i'm comfortable and calm

pink slip around my neck
Track Name: nazca
give up, give a little time
waste it as if it wasn't mine
when you stack up all your yesterdays
and your hands grow older than your face
is it fine? can you read the major lines

sell it like i was never there
it's harmless as long as you don't stare
when the sea gets covered by growing vines
and my phone sings me to sleep at night
am i fine? can i write a better life

i thought i saw you on a railway
but the station's closed on snowy days
it's true; i see you all the time
i'm stuck for months in a seaside town
reading the signs in growing frowns
it's you, writing off deadlines