No Good Mornings

by Parker Lee

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Ben Ross
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Ben Ross I really like what I hear! Mega excited to see you beside Slaughter Beach in Manchester! Favorite track: Michigan.
Sofia Verbilla
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Sofia Verbilla "8/10 it's okay" - IGN Favorite track: Station Hotel.
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Yvette it's pretty rad you know
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songs by all of us;
Mike Gardner - bass
Daniel Johnson - drums, vocals
Jowan Mead - vocals, guitar
Ben Woods - guitar

recorded and mixed by Yvette Pyke and Harry Volker
mastered by Jacob Ewald

additional vocals on Waterworks by Ellie Milne

album art by Jowan and Ilana

thanks to Alfie, Ben's stylist, everyone that's ever come to a show, Harry, Ilana, Nelson, Papa John, Sofia, Yvette, and YOU

stay frosty


bio by James Cassar:

For a project accidentally named after a Veronica Mars character, Parker Lee leaves nothing to the imagination. In fact, the central mysteries hidden in No Good Mornings, the York outfit's second EP, are quick and honest. Vocalist/guitarist Jowan Mead broke his wrist while recording the EP, extending the process from weeks to months, a far cry from its scribbling solo project origins.

Mead is also quick to disclose his idiosyncrasies - slyly confessing "I'm a proponent for being loose" and "a disaster, a broken fuse" on opener "Station Hotel." The rest of the band - bassist Mike Gardner, Daniel Johnson on drums and vocals, and late addition Ben Woods on guitar - rounds out the couch trip while demons hop from city to city, from Bristol to Boston on "Office Hours" and a café in Atlanta on "Waterworks." Parker Lee yearns to not be landlocked on this release, their raw production values (courtesy of Yvette Pyke and Harry Volker) unleashed past the closed doors where the songs got their start in 2016. And while Parker Lee may not find solace in the morning, there's hope in the aftermath: a combination of harsh lights and tones accompanying this latest set of revelations.


released May 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Parker Lee York, UK

lo-fi for the dividing nights

jowan // alfie // mike // ben


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Track Name: Station Hotel
my sensation of selfishness took a long time to go
poor decisions from loneliness cutting me deep to the bone
and as i'm walking past station hotel, i try to breathe
knowing if someone finds me, they'll just see what's underneath
i'm a proponent for being loose
i'm axiomatic clues

the change in my back pocket took me wrong turns for days
i'm trying to express myself in a thousand ways
making small talk and mixed drinks, i barely manage to save face
under long hair and lenses i want to cut away
i'm a disaster, a broken fuse
comfortable under no roof

my, how everything's better with your back against the wall
biting as it sounds, i will soon be drowning in calls
unpacking boxes and locking the door into my old room
i feel i could stay here, lie down and avoid the news
i'm the needle against the bruise
i've got a thing for being used
Track Name: Office Hours
outside of office hours, soliciting a distressed caller
the power it's been out since late last year
and i still know this is where it ends,
while i'm stuck behind a fountain pen
and it's sixteen hours til i can get home

smashing up high rise apartments, i find excuses in the moment
something past high maintenance design
and chloe's supposed to call, i've been slowing my stride to just a crawl
the subscript in my teeth is running dry

i'm in bristol, i'm in boston, geneva flights keep me bound to motion
cross-continential job's a bore
oceanic green in an airport screen, it's telling me which time to leave
i'm still packing away my things from last night

i'm on shore leave, i'm surely thinking of all the things i couldn't be
in detroit lights, drowning in gutters, no support, no guarantee
nobody asks for my opinion, i'm just significant to me
i'm dead and gone in iron sights, dreaming of someplace where i can sleep
Track Name: Waterworks
saw you in a bathroom in a cafe in atlanta
you were crawling up the walls behind my spine
painting freckles black, taking nothing back
you were cold and poisoned, slipping through the cracks
this pointlessly planned attack made me aware of things i lacked
a suitable defense against the rain and feathered backs
still, i let you wait your turn - you're always slow at first
i know you'll bring down the mountains if you try

drip into something more comfortable
just be sure to keep the well-worn pages dry
there's no room for any growth without a little pain
after all, what's the shower without the drain
Track Name: Michigan
engine, forgive my sins
carry them up in dashboard heat
swallow the things i couldn't keep to myself
MI is cold as hell
and the snow stacks two feet deep
so my shoes can't carry me to your house

panic, still in my mind
treating your skin like real estate
something to keep the rain away from my head

do i really need an escape, do i really need fake convalescence
do i really know your face, and do i take the second train home
draw the cracks in my forehead, line them up and fill them with your own thoughts
it's the things i recognise that i have trouble spinning lies towards when i'm lost
i need a panic button to call to waste my stupid time
and i need a twin sized bed to lay that book you wrote for me down to rest

right hand, drawing lines
paint out cities in your palm, show me what the future holds across town
left brain, analyse my crimes
show me all the things i need to keep balance between me and myself

do i really need a slow pace, do i really need to bring myself down
will i ever see you again, walking past or driving back to my house
wrap the wires round your wrists, and call it off while i'm still second guessing
it's difficult to say these things when i'm not really sure about what i mean
i need dividing lines to make some sense of where this died
and i need a ballpoint pen to write it out across the notebook in your eyes

i'm gone on the side of a road
i'd sooner stop for you than figure out where to go